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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The County Revelators

City Of Gold
The Country Revelators
Ralph & Annie Stacy
Sing "Jesus Is A Soul Man"
International Rural Music Of America, Springfield OH ILP-113 197?
Distributed by Tommy Crank Music, Trenton, OH

There is a notation on the cover from a radio station WBZI 10/4/74. This was probably the date when the LP arrived at this radio station as a part of the promotion for the record.

You have to love this cover. Apparently there was competition between period gospel and punk artists to come up with great low budget cover concepts. Punks had to work at it... gospel artists didn't.

This album is a treasure! All I can say is that Stacy, as you'll hear in the sample, has a powerful and soulful country voice. She's backed up by twangy electric guitar and jumpy rhythm. It's great stuff.

And the tracks that Ralph sings are also powerful and honest. They must have put on a great great live show!

They look happy together in the photo. I hope that they had a good life together.

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  1. Just picked this up for a quarter at a thrift store in Cleveland and am listening now! Loving it.