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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Crossmen - Let's Be Thankful

Let's Be Thankful
The Crossmen
Let's Be Thankful
Pathway PLP 194

The Crossmen appear to have been based out of Milan, Michigan.

This is a great LP. The Crossmen did not adhere to well worn gospel sound and experimented with a few songs. The title track is based on what I believe to be a bossa nova beat.



  1. Hi Great blog. I'd love to see the photo of the building where PAthway Records was located. Link is broken. cheers, K

  2. Sorry about that. External links tend to change and I've stopped linking to material that I don't control. I have fixed the broken server link to the sample tune on this page so you can now listen to the track. I'm in the process of updating the entire blog to fix those broken links. – Mark