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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Crownsmen - Sing Of God And Country

Let's Do Our God and Country Right

The Crownsmen
Sing of God and Country
Artist's Recording, Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. I've listened to quartet music my entire life and I never knew why the Crownsmen never became a standard group like the Kingsmen, the Cathedrals, Gold City or any of those groups. In my humble opinion the Crownsmen Quartet were just as good a male quartet than any of the more famous male quartets. My grandmother (Marie Lawson of the Lawson Family) told me as a child that they sang with the Crownsmen a lot and that these were true gentlemen and gospel professionals on and off the stage. I know for this quartet fan they've always been a favorite and their records are just as dear to me as any of the other groups that I own. Thanks Mark for including the Crownsmen on your website!

    Jeremy A. Scott

  2. do you remember gary hayes gospel concerts? bethel ohio