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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Had It Not Been - The Holland Family

Ten Thousand Angels
The Holland Family
Had It Not Been
Jewel Records, Cincinnati, Ohio LPS 151

This is second Holland Family album I've stumbled across. Also check out My God Is Real.

It is hard to date this album or to guess which record was made first. This record is somewhat better, in my opinion, than My God Is Real. This set is more uninhibited while My God Is Real seems to follow more traditional gospel recordings trends of the day. This record features some great solo vocal work that is raw, fresh and very country. The same vocal treatments are missing on the My God Is Real. So, I would guess that this record was made first because artists tend to make their best, most unaffected records early in their careers.

This is one of the best covers of Ten Thousand Angels that I've collected.

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