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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Found The Answer - George Walker And The Gospel Mellotones

I Told Everybody
George Walker And The Gospel Mellotones
I Found The Answer I Learned To Pray
Megacity Recording Studio - Dayton, Ohio

This is the second George Walker And The Gospel Mellotones record I've found. Both of them were recorded at Megacity. This album, however, is recorded more professionally.

Members of the group are George Walker, Ann Chapman on piano and Jean Chambers on guitar (you can just barely hear the guitar).


  1. my mamaw had 4-5 8 tracks of his music ....we went to see him several times they were good friends with walkers...i was sittin here and thought about something my sister told me tonight she prayed for god to give her direction and after a few nights one morning she could see could see what path she needed to take ....and i thought of Gorege Walker...and the song about the rattle i found this page...thanks think i just needed to hear it.

  2. Grew up seeing and being in church with this group. Loved them!!!! Need to find the words to one of his songs "Most of all I want to see Jesus" more than anything. Where could locate them?