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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In The Secret Place - Pat And Keith Showalter

It May Be Today - Did You Think To Pray
In The Secret Place
By Pat And Keith Showalter
Crusade Enterprises LPS 198-01

This album looks and sounds like it was pressed in the early 60s, but it seems as though it was released as late as 1967 (a date mentioned on the back cover).

You find some unique gospel recordings on the Crusade Label. This recording is another example that comes with a few surprises. Pat and Keith are competent, but average vocalists. What makes this album unique is the blend of vocals with featured instruments, such as an electric guitar, saxophone, trombone, accordion, bass viol or violin. These creative "flourishes" make this recording stand out.

I've posted a crazy vocal track followed by an instrumental. The instrumental is especially wild. You don't find many gospel artists who take chances with a sound like this.

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