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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journey To Jesus

The Lord Is The Keeper
Journey To Jesus
Barbie Brever Sipple

Private press folk minty fresh straight from a thrift store still sealed in shrink.

This is a fantastic LP is filled with songs composed mainly by Barbara. Great stuff.


  1. I have this album and actually saw Barbara get her first start when she played the folk mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Cherry Hill, NJ. The congregation thought she was so great that that inspired her to record this album. So I had the pleasure to listen to her live in 1970 at church. Thanks for putting the track up it brings back a few memories.

    Mark Mischinski
    Telford, PA

  2. Love this.
    Take a Me back to my days in Catholic grade school

  3. Mark, by the way, my sister lives in Telford. What a lovely coincidence!