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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lord's Last Supper - Buck Ledford

There's Nothing My God Can't Do
The Lord's Last Supper
Pastor & Mrs. Buck Ledford
& Daughter Jennie
Lasting Faith Records LFLP-16

This album features an actual printed cover, but the type is hand drawn giving the record a wonderful folk art look. 

Apparently this is the second album Ledford pressed. From back cover: Jennie Ledford is 20 years old, single, and has been saved since she was 7. Great stuff.

And how can you go wrong with a name like Buck Ledford?

Great country gospel with cool organ stylings (Mildred Norton) backing up the picking and singing.


  1. would you know where a person could find a recoring of the family I grew up listening to this man on a radio station in gate city va

  2. Buck Ledford was an original member of the Happy Valley Boys who were weekly regulars on The Grand Ole Opry before he left the music industry in Nashville and became a minister and later was one of the founders of WLIL Radio Broadcast. Other family members include Country music golden legend Ronnie Milsap that is from Elva Ledfords side of the family as well as Blues musician Malclom Holcombe.

  3. Our Indiana family rented a cabin at Hungry Mother State Park in WV. There wasn't a big selection of radio stations and Rev, Buck Ledford shared his music.
    Jan Kinsey Beanblossom IN

  4. My name is Heather Ledford my dad is Billy Ledford the oldest of the five children. I have my grandparents albums on CD.s to listen to I grew up to his preaching and there singing I love and miss them.

  5. I used to have an album with several of Pastor Ledford and his wife doing several of their songs but it has somehow gotten away from me. Can anybody tell me where to get his music on cd?

  6. I grew up next door to the Ledfords. Buck and Elva sang "stroll over heaven" at my mother's funeral. I sure wish I could hear them sing that beautiful song.

  7. Fred Giles (sp?) worked at WLIL several years ago, revived Brother Ledford's broadcast there and WDEH Sweetwater for a short while and also had The Ledfords albums (eleven of them, not all twelve though for repeats he sayed) put on CD by a guy in Harriman. I got them in the late Summer of 2004, not sure if they're available now. I also have to of them on vinyl, A Shut In's Prayer and The Great High Mountain. If you think their singing is hard to find, try to locate any of his messages LOL!