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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mourine Hensley - Sheltered in the Arms of God

Sheltered In The Arms Of God
Mourine Hensley
Sheltered in the Arms of God
Jewel Records, Cincinnati, OH
LPS 184

Another surprise find! This album rocked all the way through. Amazing strong, clear and honest vocals from Mourine and her daughter Euna. The tracks are spiced up with nice guitar and piano work. Someone (probably the engineer, Rusty York) decided to experiment and run the violin through reverb and well as experiment with the stereo mix on a few tracks. That effect really iced the cake on those tracks.

Musicians include: Junior Bennett, Charles Helton (Mourine's brother), Dennis Hensley (her husband?), Gene Lawson, Denny Rice and Ray Wilson.


  1. Thanks for posting.mourine is my mother in law . Dennis Hensley is not mourines husband. My husband states that he is a cousin.

  2. Love all of this! So glad I found all of this online. My mother is a hensley from hensley settlement. Dennis is my papaws cousin.

  3. wow I might be their descendants!

  4. Mourine went home to her Father in heaven this morning. What a great lady. I was proud to have her as my mother in law and to be able to call her mom