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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Musical Messengers - Joyce Jack Dave The Goodwin Trio

One More Day

The Goodwin Trio
Joyce Jack Dave
Musical Messengers
Crusade LP 158-02

Many of my best gospel finds are on the Crusade Label. Artists who recorded on Crusade were  inventive. The cover art, in a budget way, is also typically interesting. Note the kitchen stool used as a prop on the cover.

This recording features what may have been a typical country gospel vocal group, but the engineer, Ray Harris, added a lot of reverb which pushes the vocals back as if they group was singing from the next room. This doesn't seem like a good idea, but the technique actually adds atmosphere. It's almost like you are listening to the group play at a drive-in movie theater through one of those window speakers.

The Goodwin Trio worked out of Ottumwa, Iowa and this was their fourth album. Dave Goodwin wrote the sample track posted above.


  1. I remember Dave and Joyce Goodwin, and Dave's brother, Jack. Dave is dead now....cancer. Joyce has remarried. They were very good in their day. I remember them well.

  2. I remember them well and Uncle Sherman and Aunt Agnus were the best, good Godly people. Jack was my favorite cousin, what football basket ball player. I'm not sure where Coleen is living but she used to like to rough house with my twin and I, time marches on. Ron

  3. What fun ...Dave, Joyce and Jack came to our church in Galesburg, Illinois when I was a young teen. They were special people.

  4. David and Jack are my great uncles, I'm so happy I could find this.

    1. Had always wondered what happened to Dave. We knew Joyce was remarried and have visited with her. Dave and Joyce were neighboring ministers in Missouri.

  5. I have their album, "What A Wonderful Thing"by the Musical Messengers. Great music. On Heart Warming Label (RCA). Best of Nashville musicians, etc.
    David Shook

  6. I never new them personally, but when my brother, sister, and I were growing up in Liberia, Africa, we had several of their albums. We listened to them over and over and did our best to copy them as we sang together with accordion, guitar, and upright bass. Now these many years later my hubby is playing their albums tonight. As I work in my office, I can hear the old familiar music in the living room. What a blessing they have been to our family over the years!