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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hymns Of The Cross - The Pack Duet

Born From Sorrow
Hard Working Pilgrim
Full Album
The Pack Duet
Hymns Of The Cross
Jay & Norma Publishing, Dayton, Ohio
Recorded November 23, 1974

The Pack Duet was a family act playing out of Dayton Ohio.

Wonderful bluegrass gospel found on the record, this is a work of art from stem to stern.

Love And Not The Nails
I Dreamed Of America
Thank God
Born From Sorrow
Log Cabin For Sale
The Banks Of Old Jordan
Hard Working Pilgrim
Thirsty Pieces Of Silver
I'm Heading Home
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Going That Way
Going Up, Up, Up


  1. great, how do i get a copy of they're music?

  2. This was my dad's uncle...Is there anywhere I can find more of the songs?? My dad would love to hear it again....thanks

    1. Yes. I just updated the post to include the full album. Enjoy! Mark

    2. Thank you sooooooo much....My dad was happy to hear it....That was very kind of you.......

    3. can i download this music it is great!