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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rubin Abner - Will There Be Mansions In Heaven

Crossing That Awful Dead Line
Will There Be Mansions In Heaven?
Rubin Abner and the Back To Calvary Trio
Gospel Recording Studios, Waynesville, Ohio

There is a great rockabilly guitar backing up the vocals on most of the tracks. The guitar flourishes make this LP underscoring the nice earthy harmonies.

There is a heartfelt and unusual testimony to be found in the jacket notes: Laying many days on one side to keep from bleeding to death, listening to the dying all around me. It seemed the death Angel walked the hallways. It was there I talked earnestly to God. In one of my darkest hours, Brother and Sister Gilbert Lamb came to visit me. The Doctors said they couldn't operate because of my condition. While they prayed, a voice spoke from the lips of the Sister Virgil, saying six words that seemed to flow warm and peacefully deep in my lungs. It didn't sound like a natural voice, "MY SON YOU WILL SING AGAIN".

Rubin goes on to say that he wrote "some of the songs on this recording" from his hospital bed.

This is a great recording and it is hard to choose the "best" track to feature as a sample. Because I can't find an instant of the song title Crossing That Awful Dead Line online, that this was one of the songs Rubin wrote while in the hospital.

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  1. Amanda (Abner) McGheeSeptember 9, 2015 at 7:16 AM

    Rubin Abner is my grandfather and Anthony (Tony) Abner is my Dad. Thank you for sharing this album! WE never forget! :-) Thanks for your work to keep the memories alive!