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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Stamps Trio

The Stamps Trio
Temple Records, Memphis, TN
LPT-306, LST-308

Apparently The Stamps Trio lasted less than a year and not one of the group is named Stamp.  According to the jacket notes, the boys worked in the production department at The Stamps Quartet Music Company, Inc. Of Dallas Texas preparing gospel sheet music for print.

This album is actually a lot of fun. The melodies bounces along and there are some nice vocal flourishes that hold your attention. A studio musician injects a cool electric guitar riffs here and there.


  1. Donnie Sumner is the son of the great bass singer J.D. Sumner. Jim Murray went on to be with the Imperials in their heyday. This is a nice find. Thank you.

  2. Donnie Sumner appears on the Gaithers. I believe JD was his uncle.

  3. Anonymous: Donnie is JD's nephew. JD at the time of this recording was still singing bass with the Blackwood Brothers. Donnie (fella on the left) was just coming out of Lee College (Cleveland TN).
    Th following year AFTER this record, JD bought out the Stamps Company -- along with the name -- and formed the legendary JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet -- with Donnie singing lead. Many Gospel music heavies came and went through the Stamps camp over the years; such as Mylon LeFevre, Tony Brown, and Dave Rowland. In 1971, the Stamps joined ELVIS as his male backing group, (You can hear them on Elvis' "Burning Love")
    The young man in the center -- Jim Murray -- left the Stamps Trio to sing with the IMPERIALS, by far the greatest (and most successful) Gospel group of all time.