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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Truth - The Singing Hutsons

Too Much To Gain To Lose
Wish We'd All Been Ready
The Singing Hutsons
Rite Record Productions, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides 5485 & 29805

Below are several comments left on the original post before I moved this LP to its new home:

I'm the Roger of the Singing Hutson's. I no longer drive a red convertible (traded in for a mini van) and Baron has long gone to doggie heaven. THe group disbanded in mid 80's. We recorded more albums and tapes, and did a lot of traveling. Although no longer involved with music, we all are still very involved with church and spreading the TRUTH.

I was blessed to sing and travel with the Singing Hutsons for a while after they made this album. What a wonderful family. Once you were part of the group, you were part of the family. I love them all and got back in touch in the last couple of years. They are still serving the Lord and, as Roger said, spreading the TRUTH!

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