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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Will Sing - Cornerstone

We Will Sing
Towne Blvd. Church Of God Singers
Central Recording Studio, Middletown, Ohio
Mastered by Disc Mastering Inc., Nashville, TN

Nowhere on the jacket is there any mention of what city The Towne Blvd. Church is located. However, thanks to google (and the mention on the jacket of Middletown, Ohio), apparently the church is to be found in Middletown Ohio. I can't be sure that I've found the right church.

The tracks are all attributed to different artists. The Towne Choir, The Towne Quartet and The Towne Trio are obviously church members, but there are individuals listed along with The Zornes Family and The Gospel Band. There is a lot of (wild) vocal and instrumental diversity on this LP, but no information to tell us how everyone came together to make the record.

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