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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earnest Martin - Too Far Upon My Journery

King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away
Earnest Martin
Sings Too Far Upon My Journey
Jewel Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH
LPS 393

EXPERT FROM AN AMAZON PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ernest C. Martin is unknown today except to a very few collectors, but for 50 years the name of this traveling Pentecostal preacher was familiar at camp meetings and revivals throughout the mid-west and beyond. Rev. Martin was an exceptional songwriter whose no-holds-barred vocal put across his message with unforgettable impact. Born at Clay City, Kentucky on January 27, 1914, he learned guitar, banjo and harmonica at a young age and, as Kid Martin, had his own radio show on WNOX in Knoxville by 1934. He also played on radio with Bill & Cliff Carlisle and incessantly played one night stands and radio over a wide area. In these early years he was a hard drinker and he became seriously ill by the end of the 30s at which point three doctors pronounced that they couldn t help him and that he would die within months. Instead, Martin took this as a wake-up call from the Lord and started the evangelistic work that he would continue throughout his long life.

This LP is apparently Martin's 5th record. The first line in the jacket notes: Presenting my all new stereo record album No. 5. It was released (info by was of a note on the cover) in 1974.

At the time, according to the jacket notes, Martin was out of Winchester, KY. His two boys, Ernie and Vernon play lead and bass guitar on the LP.

Martin also, in the jacket notes, thanks "Jewel Recording Co. engineer, Reggie Wallace for his outstanding work on this album".

The music is a pleasant hybrid of gospel, country and bluegrass.

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