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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Edgar Fultz & Daughter - I Ain't Looking Back

A Message To Santa
Edgar Fultz and daughter Patrica Warren
Singing - I Ain't Looking Back
Nation Wide Records
Recorded at Vetco Studio

Here's a great private press that features a load of obscure local connections.

This is the first time I've run across mention of Vetco Studio (downtown Cincinnati Ohio) and Nation Wide Records (Hamilton, Ohio). Fultz is from Newport, Kentucky and, if I have my time frame right, (sometime around the early 70s) a section of Newport that was pretty rough... and still isn't pretty). The area demographics at the time was heavily Appalachian.

We might assume that Edgar Fultz poured all his savings and life blood into this project.

The cover is a snap shot. The photographer forgot one rule of portraiture and that is not to pose people with signs growing out of their heads. However, the signs tell us that the photo was taken in Eden Park which is located just across The Ohio River from Newport. You could walk there from his house in a half an hour.

The album is a fine and creative country gospel effort with many songs, all written by Fultz, that seem to have commercial potential.

There is an interesting note on the rear cover thanking Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stewart, who always took time out to visit me, while I was still out in sin. I believe Fultz had been in prison. One of the songs on the LP is titled Prayer Mail To Heaven (a song about being in prison).

The example: A Message To Santa is one of the more blatant commercial efforts on the LP. But, of course, everyone loves a tear jerking Christmas song! Me too!


  1. Do u sell Edgar Fultz records or cassettes. Or does any one know where I can get them? Please respond! Thank u.

    1. I do you can call me at 513-917-2271

    2. May I buy some music I have loved this for a very long time when he was at wljc thank you very much

  2. There are two places. which is a collective of record dealers and ebay. You may get lucky in a large used record store. But you might have to check online every week for sometime before one comes up for sale. Good luck!

  3. Did "cross walk" has a double meaning ?

  4. I would love to have some of Ed and Party's cds if anyone knows where to get them. Sheila B