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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paul Thompson Sings - I've Got A Blessing

Something About That Name

Take My Hand Precious Lord
Paul Thompson
Sings: I Got A Blessing
Featuring Edith Thompson
And... Something About That Name
Queen City Album

The Blessings worked out of Norwood, Ohio. I looked at the cover and thought... yawn... this album will probably be a bore. However, on the back cover there is a photo of Thompson with what looks to me like a vintage 70s Telecaster. So I took the chance and was glad I did. This album totally rocks! There is no connection between the cover image and the audio. The music is inventive and so different from the country gospel stuff I normally find from this period.

And the B side is totally instrumental! Gospel, country and jazz riffs mixed together. Fantastic!

According to the jacket notes this was Thompson's first LP. And it is a wonderful and amazing first attempt! I can't find anything online about this guy. He was more than good enough to do studio work in the area. But now... another artist almost lost to history.


  1. I know Paul and he's not lost. Still around still playing his guitar. ;)

  2. Paul Thompson still rocks!!!!