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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happening Now!

Happening Now
Full Album
Happening Now!
Broadman Records 1969

I'm really not sure how to approach my review of this recording. The project is completely fantastic, I love it and I don't have the words to describe it properly.

The creators wrote this album as a "Christian" musical. The idea was to appeal to youth and bridge the "gap in communications". The cover notes offer the musical to youth choirs so that they could take it to "civic clubs, shopping centers, schools and other community centers."

Lets start with the cover. I don't get it… the moon with people floating around it. And then there's the hawk and dove... war and peace? And the fire and then... I think that blue shape is a brain? You're guess is as good as mine.

The music is all over the place. 60s pop, psych, spoken word, standard gospel. All mix up, down and sideways. It's just incredible. From start to finish my jaw was on the floor.

Listen to the title track above Happening Now. The next track is titled Ain't Happening Here. I kid you not.


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