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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sons Of The Gospel - I Know It's Real

Little Spot In Heaven
The Sons Of The Gospel
I Know It's Real
Queen City Album

Glen, Paul, Don, Bill and Ray especially dedicate this album to the shut-ins.

Locally recorded gospel album produced in the late 60s. The jacket notes indicate that the "Sons" made their first record, a 45, in 1966. So they were together when "Blue Grass" was just becoming a "big" thing across the county. The first "Blue Grass" festival was held at Fincastle, VA in 1965.

The "Sons" wrote all but two of the songs on the LP. Little Spot In Heaven is the 3rd track on the B side.

1 comment:

  1. Ray Hall is my grandfather, he is the one on the far left. The Sons of the Gospel traveled many years and sang in many states. The ones in the picture are all gone now but the memory of them lives n in their music....