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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phil Miles - Some Glad Day

Some Glad Day
The Lord Is Coming Soon
Phil Miles Sings God Made A Way
Featuring Sharon Colwell
Jewel Records LPS 169

This set appears to be late 60s early 70s vintage. Miles worked out of The Charity Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Newport, KY. According to the jacket notes, he wrote all of the songs with the exception of, "I've Found A Better Way". Claude Ely was the pastor of the church

The band members include: Hursel Lively (got to love that name) - drums, Doug Browning - organ, Bill Wolfenbarger - bass and Judy Hensley - piano.

Sharon Colwell has a few strong moments on the LP as soloist. But Phil grabs my interest with his song writing skills, unique arrangements and great vocal treatments.

There is a great page of biographical information on bother Claude Ely found on a website dedicated to his life. Mile gets a mention. Other than the mention that Ely was backed by Phil Miles when he made a recording at Jewel Records, I can't find any mention of him on the web.


  1. Hi Mark, This song "the Lord is coming soon" from Phil Miles is fantastic - I like a bit of Beatles/Elvis/60ties and Blues sound. I consider this song for my band, I'm glad I found it!

    thanks, cheers

  2. Hi Mark, I've posted on here two times before. The posts never show up. I would like this whole recordings. Is that possible? Let me know please:-)