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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Until You've Known - Buddy and Nora Lee Trent

Wayfaring Pilgrim
Until You've Known
Buddy and Nora Lee Trent
Jewel Records LPS 148

This album is outstanding southern gospel. I can't say that there is a dull song to be found. Buddy and Nora share the spotlight and sound great together in harmony.

The Trents are supported by a studio band: Michael Hensley - Piano and Organ, Floyd Strub - Drum, Joe Elliot - Guitar, Kenny Felts - Bass. And the great Rusty York does the engineering chores.

There is a large amount of copy on the back cover written by Rev. O.B. Mullins. A long prayer of sorts with precious little information about the artists. Only a brief few lines: It seems like yesterday that Nora was a little girl sitting in our home, and Buddy, a tall handsome young airman proudly wearing the uniform of his country. He also mention that this is their first album.

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