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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rev. Bill Kingston - For His Glory

For All My Sin
Rev. Bill Kingston Sings
For His Glory
Rite Records Productions - Cincinnati, Ohio

FANTASTIC album cover!

Most tracks begin with a electric jazz guitar and organ intro (Ray Luckey, Guitar and Annette Owens, Organ). The instruments are overpowered as Kingston jumps in with his massive booming voice.

From the back cover: Billy is also know by his unusual size; as he is only 52 inches tall or as he says, "FOUR FOOT FOUR, AND NO MORE". So picture, if you will, Billy as he climbs upon a chair, or a box, behind the pulpit, and that BIG VOICE from that little body starts to sing...

Comment left on the original post: The electric jazz guitar was played by my husband on this album. Billy called Ray to play for this album and Ray went into it cold. No preparation for it at all. He was a wonderful musician and entertainer. He taught classical guitar and was an excellent jazz and classical player, and was proud to use his talent for the Lord. He went to heaven in Feb. 2008 and I miss him so very much. Thanks for the kind comments. He would have been thrilled to see this.

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