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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wooten Four

Two Wings
The Wooten Four
Hymntine Records

This treasure surprised me on several levels. I purchased it for the colorful jacket art which would have been expensive to produce. The Wooten type face is pretty cool like it came off a 60s surf LP.

The record company spent some money on The Wootens (these folks are a family act from Eastern Kentucky). The music reflects the quality of the cover. I thought that I might find more of their music online or some mention of them. Nothing.

Where'd these folks disappear to?

Comment left on the original post: Mark, The Wootens are still in Kentucky, they usually came to the church I attend in Madison TN., sub of Nashville, but they have not been there the past 2 years. Our church would raise money and bring in items for them to give to the needy families of Kentucky at Chistmas. I believe one of the sisters has been in bad health.Thanks for posting the album and song!


  1. I just happened to stumble upon this page while also searching for the Wootens. The Wootens, who I'm distantly related to, still live in Eastern Kentucky. If I'm not mistaken, they live in Somerset. Just this past week, the group came to my church in London, Kentucky. The girls and Hamp, the male singer, sang and he preached following the singing. They're a great group and I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have spend the week with them!

  2. I've known these people ever since i was a little boy in fact i'm trying to get a hold of Hamp, it's about my mother .I would love to hear from Hamp or one of the girl's.