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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sing Down At The Altar Way - The Altar Way Gospel Singers

Blind Bartimaeus
The Altar Way Gospel Singers
Sing Down At The Altar Way
Jewel Recording Studios LPS 214
Queen City Album

Elbert Herald wrote many of the songs on this album. He lived in Covington, Kentucky. He is credited on the back cover as the mandolin player and lead vocal.

Here is another (later) set this group recorded titled I'm Gonna Walk With Jesus.

This is another record engineered by Rust York, owner of Jewel Records and one of the better local engineers.


  1. Just found a third LP of theirs. Actually really nice stuff.

  2. My older brother, David Sands was a part of this wonderful group. As a youngster, I listened to this record over, and over, and over. Can you post anymore audio tracks?

  3. My dad is on this album.... as a little girl I used to travel around with them. It was so fun,,,, My dad is the rhythm guitarist and vocalist and wrote and sang lead on his songs. They recorded 3 LP albums. One song my dad sung and wrote was "For Me" and "What does it Take" just to name a few.