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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Touch Of The Master's Hand - Bobby Grove

Bobby Grove
Touch Of The Master's Hand
Oak Records 0545
Jewel Recording Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio

Here's another Bobby Grove album that I recommend looking for. Grove is one of my favorite local finds (Hamilton, Ohio). He has an excellent country gospel voice and can do some fine rockabilly. This album was engineered by Rusty York. This album is more fully "orchestrated" or musically refined (Grove employed back up vocalists on this project) than the other Grove albums I've collected.

In my opinion, polishing up the rough edges sucks the life out of an the artist, especially a country gospel album. But Groves voice is strong enough to carry the day. And Rusty York does his magic to keep all the elements well balance.

I do miss, on this album, the few great "rockabilly" tunes I've found on the other LPs.

Grove is still active and sells many of his vinyl recordings, that he apparently held onto over the years, on his website:

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