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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

United We Sing - Country Gospel-Aires and The Southern-Aries Quartet

Surely I Will - The Southern-Aires Quartet
Oh Death - The Country Gospel-Aires
The Country Gospel-Aires
The Southern-Aires Quartet
Prism Records
Mega Sound Recording, Dayton, Ohio
Pressed By RCA Custom Division

Here's a great album featuring a fine floating head cover. The cover was printed by The Southern-Aires Quartet Album Company, Dayton, Ohio.

Apparently these two groups are from the Dayton area. They decided to pool resources and share space on this record.

I've got one Southern-Aires album posted here. It was made much later. It looks like there were a number of personal changes in the group. I wasn't very fond of that album because the record followed standard gospel formula. They rock on this album.

I noted that  Mega Sound was employed to do the recording chores. This is the third Mega record I've come across. If all the records sound like the three I've found, they didn't know what they were doing. The engineering is pretty awful even though the content on this record rises above the short comings.

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