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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Would You Believe It's Happening - Linda Meissner

Amazing Grace
 Full Album
Would You Believe It's Happening
Linda Meissner
Norvel NVS 9001

Amazing gospel album sporting a great 60s primitive art cover.

Linda Meissner (from the back cover) ... gained recognition as one of the main characters in the best selling novel by David Wilderson, The Cross and the Switchblade, written by the famed New York reporter John Sherrill, which has already sold more than five million copies around the world.

Meissner spent time in NYC with gangs such as "The Dolls and Debs". Also from the back cover: With several years experience dealing with hard dopers in the streets getting their kicks from marijuana to L.S.D., Linda Meissner knows the cure for dopers because she works where they live.

The album cover reflects the audio content. The record is like some folk/gospel/punk art form. I don't know how else to frame it. Check out this wonderful version of Amazing Grace.

Thanks to all who commented. When I moved this post to the new blog I lost all of your comments.


  1. Just a thank you (again) for posting the entire LP. Linda was well known in the early 70s Jesus movement. This album pre-dates that era, but not by much, and is of interest to some of us aging Jesus Freaks. Blessings.

  2. The style is West Coast Psychedelia. Check out the album cover for "Chuck Berry Live At Fillmore Auditorium" for an example of this sort of lettering style. Or any one of a hundred other Bill Graham posters from the 1960s.